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EmberClear to set up natural gas power plant in Pennsylvania, US

US-based energy developer EmberClear is planning to set up a 300MW natural gas-based power plant in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania.

The company said it has submitted key documents with regulators and regional transmission operators to develop Good Spring NGCC 2, a natural gas combined cycle electricity plant.

Feasibility study of the plant has already been done and all necessary permitting requirements would be completed in the coming months.

The firm said the Good Spring NGCC 2, which would serve nearly 300,000 households in the north-eastern US, will be similar to the original Good Spring NGCC 1 power plant and contain advanced turbine technologies.

Commenting on the project, EmberClear Power Pennsylvania president James Palumbo said that the NGCC 1 plant is preparing for construction and undergoing the normal sales process for a developer.

“Having Good Spring NGCC 2 follow in its footsteps will benefit everyone. We look forward to extending the years of continued community and regulatory support for our efforts with this new project,” Palumbo added.

EmberClear chief executive Albert Lin said, “Our business techniques leverage America’s abundance of natural gas and meshes nicely with the intensifying demand for reliable energy.”