EmberClear is owned by Ember Partners L.P.


EmberClear Investor Relations

Pursuant to a creditors’ vote conducted by Ernst & Young on May 25, 2016, and Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta order executed on June 24, 2016, EmberClear Corp’s development assets and obligations were sold to Ember Partners L.P., a privately owned investment company. Ember Partners will continue to conduct the Company’s business as EmberClear, retaining its current management. The Company has moved its operational headquarters from Calgary to Houston, Texas and maintains an office in Moosic, Pennsylvania.

EmberClear’s projects are often developed through joint ventures and multi-owner entities. We believe joint ventures are a well established vehicle for blending our development expertise and local knowledge with the capital resources of our partners. Our partner entities include public funds, private funds, energy companies and high net worth individuals. EmberClear is developing five energy projects of $3.5 Billion with our partner companies.

We are in a low cost of capital and low natural gas price environment. Current trends suggest massive amounts of capital will be deployed in the power and petro-chemical sectors during the next 15 to 20 years. EmberClear will continue to seek partnerships with entities that promote responsible business practices; provide meaningful impact in the local communities we operate in; and foster sustainable economic development.


Brief History of the Company

Prior to restructuring, EmberClear Corp, an Alberta, Canada based public Company was listed as a public company at Toronto Venture Stock Exchange (TVX). In 2015, EmberClear Corp defaulted on its public debt and missed public filings. As a result, the Company’s stock stopped trading on the TVX. After several failed attempts to recapitalize the public company and months of negotiations, the Company’s management offered a court approved restructuring plan to creditors.

EmberClear engaged Winsome Capital, a boutique private equity company, to raise necessary funds and guarantees to satisfy creditors’ claims. David Anderson, an investor and Managing Partner of Ember Partners, headed discussions with the Company’s creditors.

Ember Partners has secured necessary capital, including a line of credit from Winsome Capital to run its operations.