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PA Natural Gas Power Generation Updates

This week EmberClear Corp., an energy developer specializing in low emission commercial scale projects worldwide, announced plans to build a second 300-megawatt generation plant on a Schuylkill County site where it had once envisioned a plant fueled by coal. The 300-megawatt plant is called “Good Spring NGCC 2.” It will be a natural gas combined cycle electricity plant capable of serving 300,000 or more households in the northeastern U.S.

Working principle of a combined cycle power plant (Legend: 1-Electric generators, 2-Steam turbine, 3-Condenser, 4-Pump, 5-Boiler/heat exchanger, 6-Gas turbine)

Also, reported this week was an update from Lawrence County and Hickory Run Energy’sproposed natural gas power plant. Local officials approved property proposals for a planned natural gas power plant to be built in North Beaver Township. “Township supervisors voted to approve a land use and gave preliminary approval of a subdivision plan for the power plant, which is to be located along Route 551 near Mohawk Trails Golf Course between the township’s Mount Jackson and Edinburg areas.”

The plant, to be operated by East Brunswick, N.J.-based Hickory Run Energy, will employ about 500 employees in construction and have approximately 25 permanent workers once the facility is online, company officials said last month.

Previous stories indicate this natural gas plant will generate 900 megawatts of electricity at peak capacity.