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Vermillion Rise

Helping Local Communities With the Vermillion Rise Project

Vermillion Clean Energy Center

“EmberClear’s $600 Million commitment in Vermillion Rise clearly demonstrates how clean energy jobs and sensible developments can be created in the local communities.”
Jim Palumbo – Chief Technology Officer, EmberClear

Vermillion Clean Energy Center is located within the Vermillion Rise Mega Park, a former site of the Newport Chemical Weapons Facility, in Vermillion County, West Central Indiana. The proposed 1100 MW generation facility is 100% owned by EmberClear and has been developed in two phases at an 80-acre brownfield site.

The first phase will comprise a 566 MW natural gas-fired combined-cycle (“NGCC”) electric power generation facility. Siemens Energy and Siemens Financial Services are committed development partners with EmberClear.

Over 70% of electricity generation in Indiana comes from coal-fired power plants, but that may soon be changing. Recent announcements from Vectren and Duke to shut down 4 to 5 GW coal generation in Indiana has created an unprecedented opportunity for our project.

The brownfield site located within the Mega Park is already zoned as industrial and several key permits such as NPDES are not needed. Proximity to natural gas and transmission infrastructure, as well as having water (wastewater) facilities in the Mega Park, saves capital for the overall project construction. The remaining permits will be applied for by Q1-2020.

The unique location allows this site to be developed both for PJM and MISO markets. Currently, the project holds a queue position (J1288) in MISO for first single train and it will tap the 345 kV Duke Energy Indiana line in MISO Zone-6, about 1.5 miles to the west. The project can also access AEP and Duke’s 345 kV transmission lines for PJM, both lines are located within 3 miles of the site.

The project has access to several competitive and reliable natural gas pipeline systems. Rockies Express Pipeline (REX Zone-3) and Panhandle Eastern Pipeline corridor are located 2 miles south of the Mega Park.

The project also has access to approximately 500 acres of a brownfield property to develop a utility-scale photovoltaic (“PV”) plant of 100 MW.

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