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Get Ready to Change 

Our projects have been designed with the capability to decarbonize power by 2045

Hydrogen is the energy of the future

Our power plants provide most reliable and affordable source of electricity creating thousands of jobs in the communities

Evolving With Resources

Our projects enable deeper penetration of renewables and stabilize the grid systems

A Bridge to a Cleaner Future Zero Carbon Power Projects

Since 2003, EmberClear in Houston, TX has been developing energy projects in North America. This is made possible by our joint ventures with Siemens Energy, Mitsubishi, Bechtel, CB&I, Tyr Energy, Ares Management, and DCO Energy. The joint ventures bring in multimillion-dollar investments to local communities, creating hundreds of jobs. Our developing energy projects are currently valued at more than $3 billion.

An Opportunity to Lead the World

Compared to the current levels, the world’s energy needs are expected to be more than 50% higher in 2050. As U.S. coal and nuclear plants retire, abundant natural gas will provide a clean, affordable source of energy to bridge the gap between fossil fuels and renewables. Over time, our projects will integrate 100% renewable hydrogen power and storage capabilities to achieve zero carbon emissions. This presents massive opportunities for those able to transform themselves ahead of the curve.

Share the Vision

Help EmberClear provide America with low-cost, clean energy today. Together, we can create greater energy independence.

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